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Two People using The Healy

This time I give a review about a versatile little device called the Healy

Before I share my experiences about the Healy with you, I would like to first explain what the Healy actually is.

Material things

In order to live a happy and carefree life, material things are not always the most important thing. But much more your own physical and mental health!

If I quote Steve Jobs last famous words, that says more than enough! :
“At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and
wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death!”

Regular medicine

Unfortunately, it is increasingly common for us to feel unwell and to struggle with our health. Mainstream medicine is usually the first step and provides the fastest solution to take away the consequences of our problem.

However, the cause is often not addressed, with the result that we have to use medicines for years with sometimes unpleasant side effects!

Alternative ways

Research shows that more and more people are looking for alternative ways to improve their health. In addition, there is also a greater need to create more balance between body and mind.

Medical product

The Healy is a high quality medical product manufactured in Germany that helps people find those goals.The principle is based on frequency therapy which is used, among other things, for the treatment of pain complaints and for psychological disorders.

You will find all kinds of frequency programs on the Healy that ensure that you will experience more energy, balance and well-being. There are, among other things, applications that can help you to better manage stress situations.

The frequencies of the Healy work in the bio-energetic field of your body. These frequencies have come about after many years of research from various therapists around the world.

Marcus Schmieke and Nunu Nina

Marcus Schmieke

German-born scientist Marcus Schmieke is the great inventor behind the Healy. His biggest challenge was to reach as many people as possible to benefit from frequency therapy. In the end he managed to house complex technology in a simple and compact device!

Nuno Nina

The Portuguese Nuno Nina therapist is a specialist in integration medicine and cell biology. After many years of experience and research, he has developed more than 144,000 “Gold Frequencies” for the Healy.

The result of the unique collaboration between these men is the worldwide success of the Healy!

How does the Healy work?

Our body consists of different organs and these organs are made up of billions of cells. Each cell has a cell membrane (sort of opening in the cell wall) that is responsible for the supply of water, nutrients and oxygen. In addition, the cell membrane also ensures the removal of waste products.

The opening and closing of a cell membrane is done by means of a voltage difference. Research has shown that the height of this voltage difference determines the health of a cell.

Frequency therapy is nothing more than controlling and regulating this voltage difference so that the cells gradually become healthy again.

Bio and Quantum Physics

Frequency therapy is also called bio-resonance and is based on the principles of bio and quantum physics. Everything around us consists of energy and emits a certain amount of radiation. That also applies to every part of the body, organ and cell.

All cells in our body communicate with each other. In a healthy person, this communication takes place without disturbance, so that every cell and body part does exactly what it is intended to do!

However, stress, electrosmog, toxins, colors and flavors, bacteria, parasites, etc. can disrupt that communication!

As a result, certain disease symptoms such as pain, allergy, inflammation, chronic fatigue, etc. can arise.

The Healy is able to detect harmful anomalies and return opposite frequencies. As a result, the cells can communicate with each other undisturbed again.

Internal doctor

When the natural balance has been restored, your internal doctor will do everything to make you healthy again!

Every organ in our body has a specific frequency of an electromagnetic nature. The Healy has many different frequencies that are necessary for the wide frequency spectrum that our body knows.

Because the Healy is so small, you can easily attach it to your clothing by means of a clip. With the help of an app you can control the Healy and the communication is done via a bluetooth connection.

The correct frequencies are transmitted using adhesive, ear and wrist electrodes.

Healy programs

Healy Editions

The Healy consists of different editions with different application areas.

Healy Editions

The development of frequency therapy

Frequency therapy was discovered more than 100 years ago by microbiologist and doctor Dr. Rife, among others. He discovered that certain frequencies could clean up or kill specific bacteria.

Unfortunately, Dr. Rife forgotten and probably deliberately eliminated by certain interest groups!

Around the same time, Russian engineer Georges Lakhovsky developed the multiwave oscillator with the help of the genius Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla

The purpose of such a device was to transmit a complete range of healing frequencies. The multiwave oscillator was used with great success at cancer clinics in France from 1920 to 1940. In 1942 George Lakhovsky died under suspicious circumstances.

Years later, retired Dr. Doug rediscovers the works of Dr. Rife. After retirement he was hit by a bacterium and ended up in a wheelchair.

During that time he managed to apply improvements and heal himself. This became the basis of the frequency therapy we know today.

Many therapists around the world use this form of therapy.

Frequency therapy is a recognized and proven method of relieving people of their health problems.


My sensitivity to contemporary stimuli regularly makes it difficult to get through the day. At the end of the day, I’m completely through and have to rest to recharge the battery. For many years I have suffered from chronic fatigue and depressed feelings.

You can imagine that I was very curious about the Healy and what it could do for me!

In the beginning I had started a bit too enthusiastically, which resulted in palpitations! It is therefore very important to start off calmly! The advice is to use a maximum of 3 programs per day and especially not in succession. Because your body gets a considerable boost with certain programs!

Trying out

For me, the first weeks were a matter of trying out as much as possible and discovering what feels good. At some point you know exactly what your body needs. Regular drinking of purified water is a requirement for proper functioning.

After several times running programs such as ‘Energy / Balance / Being’ I quickly felt my energy level increase! And the daily stimuli felt much less stressful!

I can only say that I became more and more enthusiastic about the Healy! After this experience, I quickly decided to purchase an upgrade to use more specific programs.

After the upgrade I started, among other things, with the ‘Depressive’ program. You use ear electrodes for this program. You immediately feel that something is happening in your head! The percentage should not be set too high, otherwise you will quickly get dizzy!

The following days I really felt lighter in my head and the tendency towards gloominess faded slowly into the background.

In addition, I also benefited greatly from the program profession / sleep with the components activation / positive thoughts and balancing nerves.

For me, the Healy is a very nice addition to my general health and sense of well-being. The possibilities are enormous and I learn more about this very versatile device every day!


As an advice I would like to give advice to always follow regular medicine first in case of health complaints. But in my experience, the Healy is a very good alternative supplement to obtain better health.

The possibilities of the Healy are too many to discuss here. Not all applications are recognized, but that is not to say that it will not work.

Disclaimer: “Healy is a medical product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraines and for the adjunctive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. All other uses of the Healy are not recognized by the regular medicine because its effect has not been scientifically proven “

Purchase price

The Healy Gold edition costs 503.36 Euro including VAT in Europe. The most comprehensive is the Healy Resonance edition of 2538.97 Euro.

Each edition is a gem, but if you start with the Gold edition you can always add an extra edition later. The Golden Frequencies of Nuno Nina are already applicable for a wide area!

Is it worth it?

You have to make that choice for yourself! After reading and hearing so many positive experiences, I quickly changed my mind! Initially purchased the Healy Gold edition. But after my first experience, I quickly decided to expand my edition.

For complementary medicine such as acupuncture, the Healy is an extremely interesting addition! Because you have direct insight into someone’s energy fields. But also in the field of coaching, the Healy is a useful tool for applying the best treatment plan.

There are countless examples where you can use the Healy!

Personal experience

Since I got the Healy, the usual visits to my psychologists have no longer been necessary for me! That alone has already saved me quite a bit.

What I encountered in the beginning were connection problems between my smartphone and the Healy. Fortunately, the support from Healy helped me on my way. All data must be uploaded every time from a server in Germany and then sent to Healy. And if the settings are not quite right, it can sometimes go wrong.

It is important to mention that you have two weeks to try out the Healy. If you don’t like it, you can return it free of charge and you will receive all your money back!

Would you like to receive more information personally and experience the operation of a Healy? Then I can email you the address details of an expert therapist from Amsterdam.

You can also view this no-obligation professional interactive presentation below:

Would you like to know more about the Healy?

Look here for more information!

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